160mm Spork

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Embrace sustainability with our 160mm wooden sporks, a clever combination of spoon and fork made from eco-friendly birch wood. These durable, compostable utensils are perfect for any meal, offering the functionality of two tools in one while supporting environmental responsibility. Choose EcoCutler’s sporks for a practical, green dining solution.

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Discover the versatility and eco-friendliness of our 160mm sporks, ingeniously designed as a combination of spoon and fork. Crafted from sustainable birch wood, these sporks offer a practical solution for those seeking to minimize their environmental impact while enjoying the convenience of two utensils in one. Perfect for both stirring and spearing, our biodegradable sporks are ideal for meals on-the-go, picnics, or casual dining. By choosing EcoCutler’s wooden sporks, you’re committing to a product that supports a greener lifestyle without compromising on functionality or style. Make a sustainable choice that simplifies your dining experience and reduces waste.

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